Is Vitapulse any good for you?

VitaPulse is a natural supplement, developed by Princeton Nutrients, that offers advanced antioxidant support to aid in the maintenance of healthy heart and regulation of cholesterol levels. The supplement also protects an individual against the cellular damage, decreases heart inflammation, and enhances growth of mitochondria to increase the cellular energy. VitaPulse may thus protect a user from heart conditions. All its functions are a result of its 3 key ingredients working together. VitaPulse may help protect you from heart disease. The 3 ingredients include: NAC, CoQ10 and PQQ. Moreover, the product’s manufacturer say that one will need to take only a single capsule of the VitaPulse in a day.


According to the label of the product label its website, its only three ingredients are:

· NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine)

· PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinine 10mg

· CoQ10

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

It is derived from an amino acid known as l-cysteine and acts as a building block for protein. NAC is an antioxidant that has been used widely and has often been said to be an effective tool for cancer prevention. This ingredient is also known for the prevention of heart inflammation and cellular damage.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)

It is a chemical compound known to provide antioxidant and also neuroprotective properties. PQQ might also decrease the size of the damaged areas in the case of acute heart attack.


It is yet another antioxidant found in the VitaPulse supplement. It is however different from the other 2 ingredients in the sense that it may also be a boost to the body’s metabolism. It is also noted that clinical evidence for the CoQ10’s benefits that are heart-related are indeed legit.


With a number of customer reviews on the product website, the supplement has depicted a number of great benefits which are

· It controls the body cholesterol levels which facilitates an improved overall heath

· PQQ, which is an ingredient in the supplement, influences the growth of mitochondria in the cells which raises the body energy

· It provides great treatment and prevention of heart conditions

· It also deals in the prevention of chest pains and lung disorders


With only its 3 ingredients, the supplement has been found to be tolerated well by most users. The most commonly reported side effect may be digestive upset. In other rare cases, NAC may lead to rashes, headache, fever, drowsiness, liver problems and low blood pressure.


VitaPulse is priced with the following great offers:

· One bottle of 30 capsules at $49 and about $3.95 for shipping

· Three bottles of 90 capsules at $127 with free shipping

· Another six bottles at $235 with free shipping

The VitaPulse purchases also come with a sixty-day policy for refund, less the Shipping charges.


The ingredients of VitaPulse play a major role in the heart’s health. They also help in improving the general health of an individual’s body. Any individual with heart conditions should not hesitate to consider saving up some money and ordering the supplement online or purchasing individually from local pharmacies. It is also highly recommended to speak with one’s physician about the heart health before placing an order for VitaPulse.

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What are Niagen’s ingredients?

Niagen is a testosterone booster that has been formulated with natural ingredients. It is one of those supplements that play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy level of testosterone. Any man who makes up his mind to use this incredible supplement will definitely have a story to tell. So, what is it that has contributed greatly to the success of this supplement? Well, this product is safe, effective, and it uses the best ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients of Niagen:

niagen-ingredients1. Vitamin D

Being a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is in charge of numerous functions of the body such as regulation of blood pressure, absorption of calcium, and the production of white blood cells. This vitamin can also boost the levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible for masculinity. Vitamin D is manufactured in the skin when we get exposed to the sun, and it is found in mushrooms, salmon, dairy products, and eggs.

In a study to establish the relationship between testosterone levels and Vitamin D, researchers from Medical University in Austria measured testosterone levels and Vitamin D in those men who were experiencing coronary angiography. These researchers established that men with enough Vitamin D had higher levels of testosterone compared to those who had insufficient Vitamin D.

2. Vitamin E

If you are to maintain your libido at bay, you should consider consuming foods rich in Vitamin E. A good example is citrus fruits such as tangerines, oranges, blueberries, and kiwis. You can also consume sesame seeds since they contain high doses of minerals and energy such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and Vitamin E. All these foods have an important role to play and they will always help you achieve better ejaculation.

3. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 influences testosterone and estrogen hormones. Low levels of these vitamins have been linked to an increment in bosom disease. Sustenance that have plenty of these vitamins are nuts, vegetables, and grains.

4. Magnesium

Our bodies need magnesium to produce and convert DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) into several hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. Brace yourself for some hard facts; without magnesium, you are as good as nothing—no libido! The good part is that you can find magnesium in coffee, nuts, cocoa and—of course—tablets.

5. Tongkat Ali

For a long time, Tongkat Ali root has been used as a Spanish fly solution to deal with side-effects associated with Andropause sexual issue as well as age-related issues. This root has demonstrated that it fortifies charisma, empowers muscle development, and enhances semen quality. These impacts have, for a long time, been linked to expanded testosterone.

6. Tribulus Extract

Tribulus extract is a capable plant native in Eastern Nations, and it has for long been used as a charisma enhancer. Several studies are in agreement that this testosterone is generated as a result of expanded levels of Luteinizing hormone, discharged by the pituitary organ.

Majority of men who have utilized this treatment claim that their sexual intensity increased and that they were able to control quick discharge.

As has been demonstrated, Niagen utilizes the best ingredients. As such, you can rest assured that nothing will ever go wrong when you use this supplement.

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21 Day Fix and Shakeology Combo

Have you ever heard of shakeology? If you haven’t, then listen up. Most people refer to shakeology as a protein shake, which is not accurate. This drink offers a lot more than proteins, and that is why I am here today.

Shakeology is a superfood made popular by 21 Day Fix. I call it a superfood because it contains super nutrients that are vital to your health, such as proteins and digestive enzymes. This drink is meant to supplement your daily diet, by adding any nutrients that you might not get with your meals. The benefits of shakeology are far-reaching, and I am here to go through some of these benefits with you.

By the end of this article, you will be an expert on shakeology and everything it has to offer you.

A short definition of Shakeology

As I mentioned above, shakeology is a superfood. However, you do not eat shakeology as a food; you usually drink it in a shake or smoothie, or add it to your deserts. You are encouraged to take shakeology first thing in the morning, so that you can give yourself the energy boost that you need for the rest of the day.
Because of its protein content, you will find that shakeology leaves you satiated, so that you do not feel cravings as the day goes by. There are multiple benefits delivered by shakeology, including enhanced energy, improved immunity, and decreased appetite.


What does Shakeology Contain?

Shakeology delivers exceptional health results because it is packed with super nutrients. There a lot of recipes were you can include it. These super nutrients allow your body to function at amazing levels, and that is why we will dig deeper below.

1. Antioxidants: You’ve probably heard of antioxidants. This is a substance that gets rid of any free radicals that may damage your cells, so that you can remain healthy.
2. Adaptogen: Adaptogen is a natural substance that aids your immune function, increases your energy levels, and adapts your body to environmental stress.
3. Digestive enzymes: The main function of digestive enzymes it to promote the breakdown of foods, in order for your body to absorb the nutrients found in your food.
4. Probiotics: Probiotics are a microorganism that supports digestion and healthy colon function.
5. Prebiotics: Prebiotics are a non-digestible food ingredient, which promote the growth of probiotics.
6. Proteins and amino acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein helps build muscle, curb cravings, and regulate your blood sugar.
7. Phytonutrients: Phytonutrients are a substance that encourages healthy aging and increased vitality.
8. Vitamins and minerals: You are probably well acquainted with vitamins and minerals. These compounds help to build muscle, repair damaged muscle, and stimulate energy production in your cells.

As you can see, shakeology is an amazing nutritional source that offers unbelievable health and energy benefits. Unfortunately, shakeology is expensive, and this may deter you from investing in it. Despite your concerns, I would encourage you to make the investment.
You can tell from the information above that shakeology has a lot of benefits to offer, and this should not be ignored because of the price.

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How to Improve Health with Fitness and Workouts

Your health says a lot about you. It may be the determining factor in whether or not you get that bank loan you’ve been waiting for. Good health may be what lands you that news anchor’s job in your local news station. In few words, your health could be the cause of your success or failure.

Generally, you can find a lot of information on how to improve health with fitness and workouts from thousands of sources all over the internet. However, all the sources give recommendations that vary.

There are many ways to keep your body in excellent shape both mentally and physically. These include regular exercising, proper dieting, keeping a positive outlook on life and many others.

Exercising is one of the few proven ways that are guaranteed never to fail you when it comes to living a long and productive life. Studies show that when you combine various workout techniques with other fitness regimes in moderation, the results are better and longer lasting than when you only go with one. This means, for example, that a gym membership will go greatly with a bi-weekly jog around the park. It is important to note though, that building body mass is not the same as staying fit. A huge, muscular body does not necessarily mean tiptop shape.

Another way you can keep your body in excellent health is through proper dieting. Contrary to popular belief, dieting is not only for when you want to lose weight. An increase in body weight is, but one of the many effects of poor dieting. Excess body weight forms the centre of most health discussions because it is one of the few symptoms of poor dieting that are easily detectable physically.

There are a number of conditions that can negatively affect the body without any physical manifestation. These include:
• Hypertension, due to clogged arteries
• An enlarged heart and heart disease, also as a result of clogged arteries, etc.

These potentially fatal conditions have previously been recorded in patients with body weights that are classified as normal or even optimal for their body size.

You should ensure that all your meals are composed of appropriate portions of items from all the four food groups. IT would be advisable to include a bottle of good multivitamins in your meals, in case your daily schedule interferes with your daily consumption of a balanced diet.

An important, yet frequently overlooked way of keeping your body healthy is through, simply keeping your mind relaxed. Various health studies have in the past linked emotional stress and mental stress to a number of health problems such as:

• hypertension
• gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers
• heart disease
• migraines
• headaches
• accelerated aging
• And even premature death. 

The good news however, is that there are ways of keeping yourself from succumbing to overwhelmingly high stress levels. Here are two of the most effective ways:

• Natural relaxers such as herbal tea. Green tea and matcha tea have all been proven to greatly reduce the body’s stress levels, and by extension, you mental stress levels.
• Meditation. This ancient technique has been practiced by Asian monks for thousands and thousands of years to help them keep calm even in the middle of danger. If done correctly, it will greatly aid you in reducing your own stress levels.

• Medication. In case your daily schedule keeps you from trying either one of the above methods, you could see a psychiatrist. You psychiatrist may prescribe some mood stabilizers or even antidepressants for you after evaluating your condition.

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